How to Decorate a Party Room

The right decorations can make or break a party. With a bold theme and the right colors, you can create a party atmosphere that fits your guests.

Consider adding movable furniture to allow you to shift the layout depending on the type of party. Add receptacles for trash and provide easily accessible locations for food buffet lines and drink stations.


A party room game idea is a location where people gather to socialize. The seating arrangements in a party room are important because the way guests are seated can affect the communication among them.

Ideally, your home party room will be near your kitchen and dining area so that food and drinks can be easily brought into the room. The room should also be large enough to accommodate your guests and the type of party you are hosting.

If you are remodeling your home, consider converting one of the rooms in it into a party room. Some homeowners choose to use the dining room, while others opt for a living room or additional den. Regardless of which room you choose, make sure it has the proper ceiling height. Standard or low ceilings can cause a claustrophobic feeling for your guests, so cathedral, sloped, and tray ceilings are the best option. Also, installing frameless interior glass doors will exemplify your house’s beauty while creating a spacious feel.


Ideally, the decorations in your party room should carry your theme and help guests get into the mood. Start by decorating the entryway to surprise and delight your guests, then let the mood build as they move from the entryway into the central party space.

If you don’t have enough room for a full room of decorations, try using screens or curtains to visually separate sections of your party space without making it seem closed off. This is especially helpful for smaller rooms that double as dining spaces, living rooms or recreation areas during regular days.

Make the food table the centerpiece of your party with a fun display of treats. Use a repurposed dresser or buffet to serve desserts and display them on fancy platters for an unforgettable party. You can also set up a prop throne to showcase your guest of honor, or hang framed photos on the walls for a more personal touch.


Often overlooked in the race to lock down catering, drinks and table settings, lighting can have the biggest impact on party guests throughout the evening. It can make a party feel upbeat or relaxed, provoke warm feelings or get everyone energized.

There are a number of simple things you can do to set the mood with your party lights. First, decide what type of atmosphere you want to establish. Do you want it to be sensual and mysterious, fun and silly or classic and straight-laced? Once you know what you’re going for, the rest of your party planning will go much more smoothly.


A party room game idea can contain a variety of entertainment options. It can include games, music, a food buffet, or drink stations. Having these amenities in one room can make the party more enjoyable for everyone. It also reduces the amount of cleanup that is needed after the party is over.

Whether you are planning to remodel your home or not, it is important to consider how often you entertain guests at home and what type of space would work best for this activity. This may lead you to designate a living room, dining area, or other part of your house as the home party room.

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How to Decorate a Party Room