How to Create a Party Room in Your Home

A kids party game idea is a great idea for entertaining groups. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. You can even decorate it for specific occasions, such as a birthday or sports team celebration.

Start a home party business by designing an appealing space that meets customer needs, providing efficient booking systems and marketing your business to attract customers. Add frameless sliding doors to increase accessibility for guests and make your home party room feel more open.


Your home party room should be decorated with fun accents that tie into the theme of the event. Foil balloons with a simple message like “Welcome” make an easy and inexpensive decoration, and can carry your party theme throughout the space.

For a more low-key look, use candles to fill your party room with a romantic glow. You can choose from a wide variety of candles in all shapes and sizes. For a more elegant touch, serve your guests hors d’oeuvres from trays that feature a unique decoration that fits the party theme.

For larger parties, break the space down into sections based on what the event will be. Visually separate areas like the dance floor from a section for crafts or a pinata by using decorative screens or curtains hung in the area.


Many homeowners who love to entertain choose to include a home party room in their remodeling or new construction project. This might be as simple as a converted living room, dining room or an additional den.

If you want your Party Room to be able to comfortably accommodate guests, the layout must allow for plenty of seating options. Too few seats and couches can make the area feel crowded and cause guests to cluster together, which inhibits mingling.

Remove coffee tables and other unessential furnishings to open up the space. You may also wish to remove any televisions from the room to eliminate distractions and encourage conversation. Make sure that there are clear pathways between seating areas and that furniture does not obstruct doorways or exits.


Lighting can make or break the ambiance of your party. While normal lights can do the job, colored lighting adds a wow factor that can really set the mood for your guests.

You may have seen this technology at Super Bowl halftime shows and concerts but a professional lighting designer/programer can incorporate these into your room as well. For example you could have your lighting programmed to light up wristbands or lanyards of all your guests in specific colors at key moments during the event.

If you are thinking of remodeling your home, consider creating a dedicated party room. Installing frameless interior glass windows can exemplify the beauty of your party space and open up your home to the outdoors. You can also add gas logs to create a warm, cozy atmosphere to entertain your guests.


If you often host parties, it may be worth converting a living room or dining room into a kids party game idea. You can also add a small refrigerator to your home to hold drinks and appetizers.

If your guests are smokers, make sure to provide butt buckets and easily accessible trash receptacles. This will help keep your house looking clean and cut down on the amount of cigarette butts you have to pick up later.

Pizza Cottage Party Rooms are available at our Circleville, Athens, Zanesville, Newark, Buckeye Lake, Powell/Lewis Center, and Pickerington locations seven days a week. The per person party price includes 2.5 hours of room use, with 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes after for setup and breakdown. Food pre-ordered at the time of booking will be ready to serve during this time.


A home party room provides a space for people to socialize and entertain guests. It can be used for a variety of events, from a family gathering, to a bridal/baby shower, to dinner or even a business meeting and retirement celebration.

Having the right seating arrangements can make the difference between a good party and an amazing one. Seating younger guests near the dance floor is a great way to keep them entertained. You should also arrange for seating in a way that encourages serendipitous conversations and side chats.

Room parties are a fun way for fans to meet and discuss their favorite books, TV shows, or fandoms in an intimate setting. The close quarters and food/drink (and in the early years cigarette) can make the experience claustrophobic but it is still worth it for fans who rarely see each other in person.

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How to Create a Party Room in Your Home