How to Plan a Successful Team Building Activity

When you are planning a Team Building activity, there are a few things that you need to consider. These include organizing, communicating, and ice-breaking.


Organizing team building activities in the workplace can be a good way to improve employee satisfaction and morale. Besides, these initiatives provide employees with social opportunities. The resulting camaraderie translates into increased productivity.

There’s no shortage of research that shows how having employees work together can help a company achieve its goals. One such study reveals that companies with above average diversity report a 19% higher innovation revenue. In addition, a team-oriented culture fosters a virtuous cycle in which employees are motivated to perform better. It’s no surprise that such an environment is a runner up for the title of best place to work.


Practicing good team communication is important for the success of a company. It can help reduce conflict in the workplace and improve employee morale. By improving communication, teams can work together more effectively and efficiently.

There are many tools that make communicating easier. These include Skype, Slack, and Google chat. Depending on the purpose of the communication, choose a channel that is accessible and easy to understand.

If your team does not have a clear process for communicating, meetings can be very helpful. They allow employees to voice concerns, discuss ideas, and work out solutions. Often, this type of interaction can be the difference between a successful project and a failed one.

Creating a forum

Online forums are a great way for businesses to engage with customers. These platforms are especially useful for customer service representatives to interact with customers in a more informal way. They offer a place for customers to talk about their problems, share ideas, and get advice.

Forums are also a good way to track customer ideas and workarounds. This can help you keep your team on task. You should create a forum that makes it easy for users to find topics of interest. Make sure your rules encourage respectful discussion, as well as healthy debate.

Using a spectrum map

Spectrum Mapping is a great Team Building exercise that helps teams discover their different perspectives on a particular issue. By mapping solutions on a spectrum, groups can find out which approaches work for each individual. This will help them develop a more balanced approach to a problem.

The exercise is best suited to teams of five to fifteen people. Participants will be given a statement and asked to find a solution. Once they’re finished, the group can discuss the results.

This team building activity breaks down stereotypes and encourages new ideas. It’s a great way to build rapport, and foster a sense of belonging in your class.

Group juggle

Group juggle is a fun and educational activity that can be done by large or small groups. It is a great icebreaker and can be played in an indoor or outdoor setting.

The first step to a successful group juggle is to select the right balls. There are several different types of balls available, including balls that are soft enough to be thrown around but hard enough to be manipulated into shape.

Once the selection process has been completed, it is time to get to work. For the purpose of this activity, the best way to begin is to form a circle with everyone facing the center. As the group stands in the circle, they should try to establish a throwing pattern.

Ice breakers

Ice breakers are a great way to promote team bonding and collaboration. They can be used at conferences, meetings, and even in teleconferences. A good icebreaker will get the team talking and can even lead to business partnerships. Whether you are looking to create a new team or want to enhance the productivity of your existing one, there are plenty of ice breaker games to help you get started.

The best ice breaker will depend on your audience. Some are better suited for large groups while others will work better with smaller groups. It is also important to consider the room and the layout.

Finding loopholes

Getting around the rules of team building can be an art. The best way to avoid loopholes is to follow the letter of the law, but the spirit of the rule can often override the letter. A loophole is an exception to the law that was intentionally added. It is a hole that allows agents to get around the rules.

Loophole ethics is an ethical activity of a person or group responding to a set of rules. Such activities include not speaking up against injustice, not helping a colleague, and not informing a client about defects. This type of ethics is often seen in organizations with a compliance approach.

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How to Plan a Successful Team Building Activity