How to Decorate a Party Room at Home

Whether your family lifestyle is casual or formal, the right layout for a home party room game idea can transform it into a fun and functional gathering space. Window selections, climate control and furniture placement are three of the most important design elements to consider.

Many people choose to use their dining room, living room or an additional den as a party room. It should have a cathedral, sloped or tray ceiling to amplify sound and aid air circulation.

Decorate the Walls

Creating a party space at home can be easy when the decorations are simple and fit the theme. The decor should focus on one central area of the room and build momentum as guests move from the entryway to this focal point.

Hanging photos or artwork on the walls can add a personal touch to the room, especially if the party is in honor of a special person. If you are using photos or artwork for a themed party, choose pieces that match the look of the event, such as wedding photos for an anniversary party or movie posters for a Hollywood theme.

Use poster hanging tape instead of standard tape to reduce the risk of damaging paint or wallpaper. You can also purchase fabric in a wide variety of colors that is perfect for covering the walls. This can be used to cover existing pictures or as a backdrop for a display of food and drinks.

Hang Photos or Artwork

One of the easiest ways to decorate a room for a party is by hanging photos or artwork. You can create a simple photo wall for guests to admire, or hang a grouping of photos in a circle or star shape. If the party honors a guest of honor or celebrates a special occasion, you can include framed photos of them on the walls. You can also display a slideshow on a big screen or projector with photos and music to entertain guests.

Use scraps of ribbon to make a garland that can be hung on the walls or any columns and railings in the room. You can even string up colorful helium-filled balloons that match your party’s theme. When hanging art in rooms where people often sit, like offices or living rooms, be sure to hang the pictures or artwork at a seated eye level for best effect.

Hang Streamers

Streamers are an inexpensive way to make a big impact on any space. You can drape them on the ceiling for a dramatic look or use them as a backdrop for photos. They’re easy to hang, and you can even incorporate other decorations in your design.

Before hanging your crepe paper, make sure you have enough to cover the entire space you wish to decorate. Unroll the paper and measure the length you need, making sure to add a few feet for a nice, dramatic swag.

You can also wrap the streamers around a frame or other structure for a unique look. Or, twist a few together to create a garland that can be hung on the wall. Mix and match colors to create a fun, eclectic look. You can even tie them around chairs or tables for extra decoration. Just make sure to take care not to damage any furniture. Masking tape is great for this because it’s strong and has a sticky surface. You could also use push pins or tacks, but they’re not as secure as masking tape.

Make a Garland

There’s nothing like a balloon garland to add color, wow factor and fun to your party space. Whether used as a photo backdrop, entryway decoration or around your dessert table, garland can elevate your event decor from standard to stunning.

To make a balloon garland, purchase balloon decorating tape (it’s usually near the balloons at your local party store) and cut a strip to the length you want your garland to be. Then, starting at one end of the garland, thread the balloons through the tape’s tied openings in pairs, alternating colors and sizes.

Balloon garlands are easy to do and are a great party room game idea DIY project that can be completed in advance of your celebration. There are even themed garland kits available that will match your party theme, from donuts to Lakers! This is a great option for anyone hosting a big graduation, baby shower or TikTok celebration. You can also find more sophisticated garland options for weddings and corporate events.

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How to Decorate a Party Room at Home